Susan Boyle learning disability

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susan-boyle222Susan Boyle is sending British press into a splash of speculation with one report that Boyle suffers from a learning disability. An alleged

learning disability to hospitalization questions are analyzed in today’s BBC which pulls out the current headline reports of Boyle across local print media.

The BBC reports the Mirror claims Boyle “cried for 24 hours” following her loss on Britian’s Got Talent”. But the shocking report comes from The Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail claims complaints from TV watchers over the treatment of Boyle, while the Mail claims that Boyle has an alleged

learning disability. Reports BBC:

“[The Daily Mail] claims that TV watchdogs are set to investigate the treatment of Susan Boyle on the show after a flood of complaints from viewers. It discusses claims that Ms Boyle, who has learning difficulties, should never have been allowed to compete in the final at all, after a week of erratic behaviour in the lead up to the show.”

Still no comment from Boyle or the show’s producers about her current condition. Send your love.

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