Shun kaji Fusion 5 Piece knife Set

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Back when I was making bread every week I wished for a really good bread knife. Something that wouldn’t struggle as I cut through the hard crust. Buying a good bread knife would have been the easy solution, but good knives are expensive so it had to wait.

At the mall the other day I decided I couldn’t wait any longer for a decent bread knife and was willing to plunk down the money. On sale at Williams-Sonoma was the Kaji Fusion, a collaboration of Williams-Sonoma and Shun. It looked similar to my Ken Onion santoku knife I had bought last summer after I was tired of using dull knives. Let me just say if you cook a lot, a really good knife is essential. My sister flipped out when she heard the price I paid on one knife, but it is worth every penny to have cooking be as hassle free as possible. It’s definitely an investment piece, but in the long run it’s very affordable. Especially if you’re using it every day. This bread knife was marked down from $284 to $222. Talking with the sales associate, I found out the regular price was actually $384 and she thought the price was further reduced from $222. The price for it was actually $95.99, plus a 10% discount for registry completion. We were shocked and R said “Are there other knives on sale?!” my voice may have also gotten louder due to excitement and I shouted, “Yeah! Are there?!”kaji-fusion

We did end up getting a utility knife, which was smaller and more expensive than the bread knife. I guess because it’s more multi-purpose?

I had no idea what a utility knife is used for, but after googling, it’s handy for slicing meats and cheeses. I’m sure this will work better than the, uh, butter knife we are currently using.

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