Paper: 20,000 killed in Sri Lanka conflict

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The Times said it had acquired confidential U.N. documents that record nearly 7,000 civilian deaths in the no-fire zone up to the end of April. The toll then surged, the paper quoted unidentified U.N. sources as saying, with an average of 1,000 civilians killed each day until May 19, when the government declared victory over the Tamil Tiger rebels.

That means the final death toll is more than 20,000, The Times said. “Higher,” a U.N. source told the paper. “Keep going.”

The United Nations has previously said 7,000 civilians were killed in fighting between January and May. A top Sri Lankan official called the 20,000 figure unfounded.

Gordon Weiss, a U.N. spokesman in Sri Lanka, told CNN that a large number of civilians were killed — though he did not confirm the 20,000 figure.

“Up until a certain point, we had very good evidence to show that there were about 7,000 people that were killed,” he said. “Then the intense battle kicked in and there were many more deaths, but we didn’t know exactly how many.artsrilankaafpgi

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