Obama kills fly, Kate Gosselin “spanks” Leah

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There’s a whole lotta swatting going on this week, what with Kate allegedly caught spanking one of the Gosselin 8 and our commander in chief caught murdering a helpless insect. Oh, the humanity!obama-kill-fly

President Obama, apparently irritated by incessant fly buzzing interrupting his TV interview at the Executive Mansion took some executive action, but not without warning. The president first spoke to the fly in question, uttering a stern, “Get out of here,” but the pesky insect, obviously a republican, refused to budge.

As soon as the little guy landed, Obama killed him with his bare hands and then continued his interview with CNBC correspondent John Harwood. The president seemed proud of the victory:

“That was pretty impressive, wasn’t it?” he said. “I got the sucker.”

No doubt, this will enrage the insect-rights activists, but frankly I’m impressed by Obama’s dexterity.

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