obama checking out girl

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President Barack Obama spotted on video looking and checking out a teenage girl at G-8 summit in L’Aquila, Italy. Watch the video and it is for you to decide if Obama really checking out this girl. The girl name is Mayora Tavares, she is 16 years of age from Brazil who take part in the 53 young teenager called J8 group.obama-check-out-girl

The problem with this intriguing image and caption is that it now appears to have been rather manipulative. By morning, video of the event had surfaced, and it becomes fairly clear after watching it that the still frame photo happens to catch Obama at a moment where the perception of ogling could certainly be created. But in reality, he was simply in the midst of gesturing to help someone down a step. As for Sarkozy, as the ABC News anchor jokes, it’s not quite as clear:

President Barack Obama along with his wife Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia will also be meeting His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI before leaving Italy.

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  1. Shane B. says:

    Oh please. Are we really going to try to say Obama was looking at some woman’s derrière because a camera caught him glancing in that direction? Are we going to say he was applying for a payday loan because his motorcade passed a payday loan store? I don’t think so. It’s time to report on the G8 summit and not on the ridiculous topics that are passing as news these days. I would personally get that payday loan if it would mean the G8 Summit would be reported on and not have to see another ridiculous report of Obama looking at a girl’s derrière.

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