Neda AghaS sultan Youtube

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Neda AghaS sultan Youtube Video

Neda Agha Sultan Video - Neda Agha Sultan’s video is still the hottest searched video today. I have posted a couple of days before about an Iranian woman called Neda who was shot to death by a Basij soldier.

Neda was shot to death in the heart by the state militia while peacefully protesting on a sidewalk with her father, holding a sign that simply said “freedom.” Now, people are looking for Neda Agha Sultan’s video who lived and died in Iran a few days ago. Neda Agha Sultan is a 16 years old Iranian woman, though some say she way 26. Neda Agha Sultan was shot because she wanted freedom. And now Neda Agha Sultan’s death serves as a rallying cry for freedom in Iran and around the world and she serves as an icon to Iranian revolutionaries.

Watch the Neda Agha Sultan video below. Warning! The Neda Agha Sultan YouTube video content is graphic, and presented as a key historical moment in the Iranian Revolution.

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