Model Behavior: Lyndsey Goodale

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Lyndsey Goodale is a gorgeous model with so much potential and a great imagination. With her mother agency being Commence Quest and NY agency Muse Model Management, there’s no doubt you’ll get to know her face. I enjoyed listening to her describe what she’s passionate about and her ideas for her dream photo shoot. Take notice and read on:

KW: How old are you?modle

LG: 23

KW: Where did you grow up?

LG: Roanoke, Virginia and Marcellus, New York

KW: How/when did you start modeling?

LG: Surprisingly it was my father who told me about an open call in the area. I went to Proscout, and received 7 callbacks in August 2006. I started modeling in January 2007. I would have started right away but my mom passed away in October 2006, and I needed time to re-adjust and take care of the family.

KW: Who is your favorite designer?

LG: Carmen Marc Valvo

KW: What’s your workout/grooming routine?

LG: I drink protein shakes 2 times a day, and shower everyday!

KW: What do you consider your best and your worst feature?

LG: Best feature would be my legs. Worst feature would be my feet.

KW: How do you get yourself prepared for a shoot?

LG: I research the photographer, make a list of what I need & pack it. I make sure I have a well-rested night sleep, clear clean face & ready to shine!

KW: What kind of a photographer do you work best with?

LG: One that can work with me, & gives me direction. And also provides me with the respect I deserve!

KW: What has been your favorite shoot or show to walk in so far? Why?

LG: The presentation I did for Lorick Spring 09. She was the only one that has ever respected the models & made it fun to be there! The L’Oreal Professional for Shu Uemura runway hair show was a very strategic runway show…that made it very interesting; yet fun!

KW: I love the photography that goes along with the Lorick lines. Any fun places to party/hangout while in the city?

LG: Grand Prix New York. Racing go-karts & taking the real cars on the track (Ferraris, lotus, porches, Audi, Nissans)! Also I love The Gates: The new high cocktail lounge located on 25th & 8th ave. Very chill & relaxing spot to hang with friends & meet new people! And my favorite restaurant in the city: Les Hallies. My favorite dish there is the Gratin de Macaroni & Tableside “Bananas Flambé” for dessert. (located on 28th & Park)

KW: What’s the best and worst aspect of being a model?

LG: The Worst part of modeling is when everyone thinks that you have an eating disorder. Just because I’m a model doesn’t mean I don’t eat! It’s called a high & fast metabolism. I burn fat off faster than others. The best part of modeling is the runway. It takes so much preparation to get there but once you take the first step out, you feel your dreams have come true. It lasts for only a few moments, but it keeps you going for a few months after!

KW: What would your dream photo shoot be?

LG: One with exotic or classic cars in black & white, taken in front of some old villas in Spain or Castles in Ireland! Another dream shoot would be on a white sandy beach on a black andalusian stallion, with slight warm wind & sprays of the ocean upon your face!

KW: Very interesting answers. WhatsWear looks forward to seeing your face everywhere. Best of luck!

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