Miley Cyrus BJ Pics

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Rumors of a

Miley Cyrus BJ pic are circling the web today, but the pictures appear to be faked. Read more here, and see photos and video below.miley_cyrus_1_2_3

In a potential

Miley Cyrus scandal, there are pictures that we believe to be fake floating around the internet of

Miley Cyrus

oral sex
on a man. If this were true, this would blow fans of

Miley Cyrus
away completely—only it’s not.

Representatives of Hanna Montanah star,

Miley Cyrus, have said the supposed photo is “completely fabricated.”

There are some older photographs that could have easily been altered to create the image that is making its rounds today. For example, when Miley Cyrus was shooting a kissing scene with Liam Hemsworth on the set of the movie “The Last Song in Savannah,” she was in a position similar to the one in the alleged BJ photo.

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