Kate Gosselin Spanks Leah

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Rumors have it that Kate Gosseli spanked her daughter Leah. kate-gosselin1-150x150There are several different sides of this story; however, this is what I learned that Kate Gosselin from “Jon & Kate Plus 8” spanked her daughter Leah and the child looked up at her mother while crying. Pictures taken by paparazzi, started to circle around in the media entertainment programs such as “Entertainment Tonight, “on the net and in the magazines. However, it is not clear at this point that who called the police, Kate Gosselin, troubled out of paparazzi photographers call the police or paparazzi called the police after taking the photos of Kate Gosseli spanked her daughter Leah.

With Jon and Kate’s marriage already on the shake, could something like this, be used against Kate Gosselin if they file for divorce “I hope not”. Their show “Jon & Kate Plus 8” has been suffering because of their fights in the past few weeks and has lost major ratings in the process. Monday night’s episode of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” drops more than one million audience from the prior week’s audience. The most current show, in which TLC’s:”American Chopper” stars “Paul Teutul, Sr., Paul Teutul, Jr., and Michael Teutu visited the show just brought in only 2.9 million spectators. The episode of the program, which was aired on June 8, brought in 4.3 million viewers. The premiere episode which was aired on May 25, brought in 9.8 million viewers.

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