Green Now, Green Again

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6 ways you can Go Green Again and do it RIGHT NOW! Going green is a trend that has been around for a number of years, and has been gaining momentum. There are many ways to go green.  As many people would think of the obvious such as hybrid cars and solar power, many things that you can do within your own home are cost effective and help the environment.

Here are six easy ways to green your lifestyle:

1)    Ban bottled water – Reuse glass jars
Every city has strict guidelines on water quality.  Some wonder how bottled water ever caught on.  Simply put, most people chose convince.  Approximately 8 out of every 10 water bottles sold in the United States end up in the landfill and with the current scare of harmful chemicals, leeching out of those bottles it is a perfect opportunity to reuse glass jam jars and take tap water.

2)    Green your car washing

Instead of idling in a gas station line at an automatic car wash that uses heavy chemicals for cleaning, why not get a rain barrel and collect your rainwater, most rain barrels are equipped to have a hose attachment on them.  Rainwater is chemical free and easy on your car’s surface.  Just add some environmentally friendly cleaning products and you are ready to go – you can even get your kids to help out they will have fun!

3)    Eat locally
Eat local is an initiative many cities are taking, not only to promote their local farms, but also as a way to help the environment and your own personal health.  Studies have shown that if you eat foods grown within 100 miles of your home then your body is more capable of digesting and absorbing the nutrients from those foods since they essentially live in the same environment you do.  The other advantage to eating locally is the travel distance for the food is shorter thereby cutting down on gas consumption and emissions.

4)    Work from home

There are many employers today that see the value in allowing their employees, where applicable, to work from home.  This is a cost saving method through savings in such things as office space and heating, it is also a cost saving method for the employee.

5)    Move to a walkable neighbourhood
Next time that you are in a situation where you need to relocate, consider the walkability of the neighbourhood.  Ask yourself questions like do I need to take the car just to get milk or can I walk.

6)    Shut off the shower water
Think of all the water used on a daily bases just for showering.  Next time you are in the shower shut the water off while you apply shampoo, conditioner and soap.  You will save a lot of money on your water bill and help the environment.
So you see, if you just look around your everyday environment, you can easily pick out things that will help you ‘go green’.  And remember one last thing – don’t print this article unless you need too.

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