Carradine Body Pictures stir outrage

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Pictures of recently deceased David Carradine’s body that were released by a Thai gossip publication known as Thai Rath. The release of Carradine’s death scene photos enraged fans and family.carradine-death-photo-thai0

Carradine’s family is seeking help from the FBI in order to stop the Thai Rath publication from displaying humiliating and disturbing photos of David Carradine, strung up and dead in a sex act gone wrong.

The photos verify the suspicion of a third party being present at the time of his death.

The image of Carradine (blurred and resized out of respect for the deceased) shows a graphic scene of Carradine, nude and dead. The fact that the third party took pictures of Carradine’s lifeless body instead of dressing him or removing him from the embarassing position indicates that the person was not someone familiar with Carradine.

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