Barry Bonds strikes out with second wife: Liz Watson files for divorce

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LOS ANGELES - Disgraced slugger Barry Bonds has fouled out with second wife, Liz Watson.

Watson, married to Bonds since 1998, has filed for legal separation in Los Angeles County Superior Court, a court officer confirmed.

The legal papers cite “irreconcilable differences” and request spousal support and joint custody of daughter Aisha Lynn, 10.

The former San Francisco Giant touted the strength of his marriage in a People magazine interview just weeks after his 2007 indictment on charges he lied to a federal grand jury investigating steroid use among athletes.

“She has to know your entire résumé,” said Bonds. “We both know each other’s flaws and are committed.

Bonds, 44, and Watson, 39, got together after Bonds’ nasty divorce from first wife Susann (Sun) Branco in 1994.

Liz Watson is Barry Bonds Wife It took six years for California courts to rule in Bonds’ favor over a prenuptial agreement that denied Branco a share of her ex’s fortune. Branco, a Swedish immigrant, argued she did not understand the contract, signed a day before their 1988 wedding.

It’s unclear whether Bonds and Watson have a prenup.

Watson’s  lawyer did not return a call seeking comment.

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